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webcam modelYou are a webcam model and you need to get some visitors ?
You yourself can start promoting on various websites, but there is no need for that.
Other webmasters will promote you, they get payed for it !!


Not only webcam sex models can register at Jasmin, webmasters can also register. webmasterWebmasters earn a percentage of the money that paying visitors spend for sending them to live jasmin with their website(s). Therefor webmasters promote live jasmin and live jasmin models with webcams, games, banners, images, small downloadable videos, complete websites and many other applications.
This means that you as a webcam sex model will get promoted on their websites.
So if you join different webmasters, you can perform for different webmasters simultaniously, get more promotion and earn more money !

Here is an example of how a webcam promotion can look like:

Is there anything you can do to get a better promotion?

Yes there is ! If you have more pictures of yourself online, 1 or 2 movies and a good description in your profile, then the webmasters have more promotional material of you they can use. Your pictures will be shown on their websites and visitors will click right away to your profile.
Also remember to be online several times a week, Webmasters will not promote models that are online once a month. When they send a visitor to such a model, there is only a small change the visitor will spend money.

web Links Most of all; get connected, place links on different websites, start pages etc.Enlarge your network, thats the way to do it !